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Talking Maths in Public conference

Past Events

2023 Event - 2021 Event - 2019 Event - 2017 Event

During the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Talking Maths in Public organised a series of online events called Talking Maths in Lockdown, on topics including online communication, inclusivity and learning new skills. The recordings and resources from these sessions are still available.

2023 Event

The fourth Talking Maths in Public Conference took place in the Herschel Building at the University of Newcastle, on Thursday 31st August - Saturday 2nd September 2023.

The event was kindly supported by Newcastle University, the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the Isaac Newton Institute, the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research and Maplesoft, as well as Qwirkshop and Chalkdust Magazine.

Photo from 2023 conference

Feedback from 2023 attendees:

"It was a fantastic event, thank you so much for organising it. I feel inspired by the whole event and am very excited to go and communicate maths!"

"Thank you so much for all of your tremendously hard work and being such fantastic role models for the community [...]. You're pioneers providing a very valuable service and everyone in attendance is indebted to you for the resulting memories, connections, and future possibilities that this conference allows."

"You are all awesome! I appreciate all the time, hard work and care you put into organising TMiP and making it something useful, enjoyable and special."

"I love how unlike at some other events, it's safe to be me at TMiP. Little things like pronouns on badges, having a quiet space, it all makes me feel seen in a good way. You are excellent humans and I'm very grateful for TMiP."

2021 Event

The third Talking Maths in Public Conference took place online, hosted by the ICMS in Edinburgh, on Wednesday 25th - Saturday 28th August 2021.

The event was kindly supported by the ICMS and MapleSoft.

Virtual ICMS building, in the space we used for conference socials

Feedback from 2021 attendees:

"The sessions were all excellent and well-chosen. Presenters were uniformly brilliant."

"The organisation was first rate, and it was organised in a way that made it the least tiring online conference I have been to!"

"Friendly and welcoming, great people, nice atmosphere, as always!"

"You crafted and managed this (and set the tone for everything) superbly. [...] Thank you all for a lovely, extremely useful, thought-provoking and very manageable conference - with great variety and loads of relevance."

2019 Event

The second Talking Maths in Public Conference took place at the Isaac Newton Institute at the University of Cambridge, on Friday 29th - Saturday 31st August 2019.

The event was kindly supported by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the London Mathematical Society, MapleSoft and DigitalEd, and in smaller part by Maths Inspiration, BIG STEM Communicators network, the University of Leeds and Chalkdust Magazine.

Photo from 2019 conference
Photo from 2019 conference

Feedback from 2019 attendees:

"The whole conference worked incredibly smoothly and there wasn’t an activity that I didn’t like - it was perfect and I am looking forward to the next one!"

"I've come away from the conference full of inspiration and ideas about how to progress my career over the next few years. Thank you for all your hard work, care and attention."

"This was an amazing conference. It is so unusual to spend time with a room full of people who get excited and enthused about maths communication and to see sharing of ideas so freely, whilst having a laugh at the same time."

"I attended in Bath two years ago, and was really keen to come again. In some ways it's a bit intimidating to be surrounded by so many brilliant people, but it's also really good to meet people, to find out what's going on, and most of all to have space to reflect on my own practice and how I can do better. [...] I really appreciate your creativity in designing the programme, and your efforts to make the event welcoming and inclusive."

2017 Event

The first Talking Maths in Public Conference took place at the University of Bath on Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd September 2017.

The event was kindly supported by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the London Mathematical Society, the University of Bath, and in smaller part by Maths Inspiration, Think Maths, the University of Leeds and the Royal Institution.

Photo from 2017 conference
Photo from 2017 conference

Feedback from 2017 attendees:

"Super event[...]! Great network coming together who I'm sure will continue to deliver high quality maths outreach and inspiration. Thank you all for doing this!"

"I genuinely have been inspired and changed by the conference. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon it and very grateful for those who put it together and those who were so willing to share there knowledge and expertise."

"I go to a lot of conferences (as a teacher who is beginning to think about going part time and starting my own business) and it was by far the best I have been to. I learnt so much - and thought out so much - and am going to go away and explore more as a result of what I learnt/saw at the conference. It will take at least a year (probably more) to make the changes/investigate things as a result of the conference."

"Well done for putting it together at a great bargain price, with a thoughtful programme."